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Lotto 928 - Asta 158 - Asta numismatica

Base d'asta:
10.000,00 EUR

Württemberg Duchy Gold medal (Dm. Approximate 38, 50 mm, approximate 29, 48g), undated, postmark from J. Chr. Müller. Av: bust Wilhelm Ludwigs to the right, therefore "WILH loaded D G DUX WIRTEMB ET TEC ". Rev: St. Georg on horseback the dragon beating to death. Binder-Ebner 5 (this copy), extremly fine to uncirculated. Unique. Fine durchzesilierter Goldguss with eyelet. As pendant one Gnadenkette seeming only once produced and conferred become. Copy from the collection Yard marshal from Baldinger, lot 875, Adolph E. Cahn, 1911, Frankfurt as well lot 187 the 15. auction arcade of the Monnaies, Düsseldorf, 1975. vz-st


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