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Лот 1176 - Auction 182 - Philatelics

Базовая стоимость лотов:
800,00 EUR

Baden 30 kreuzer bright yellow orange, neat cancelled box cancel of 2 lines \"PFORZHEIM\"", all around well perforated, very well perforated and marvelously fresh colours, very fine example this difficult and in perfect condition rarely stamp, superb in every respect (choice copy), expertized Richter, Seeger BPP and photo expertize Brettl BPP \""all perforation is existing. Slight wrinkles, from gum coming form, are insignificant. The condition is in perfect condition and fresh colours, unrepaired. \"", Michel 3.200.-, catalogue: 22a o"


Статус лота:
Аукцион закрыт