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Lot 1652 - Auction 171 - Coins Auction

Starting price:
2.000,00 EUR

Estates Conglomerate with coins, medals, coin and medals letters, KMS from all over the world in several wood caskets, cases and a box with 25 publications "master works treasures the painting the largest artist ever" from subscription in 6 boxes and a coin cases. As well were seen: two wooden boxes with Vatican coins (a with color coins) to the subject "Pope John Paul II", noble wood coin cassette Chinese zodiac sign as medals "Lunar set" with 24 carat gilding, replicas from decoration "the German serviceman"+reference book illustrates, Gigant medals Cu / Ni gold plated with various subjects, medals USA to 1 Dollar Ag with gold plating (ehm. Buying price 1.200, Euro), New Zealand Ag Dollar with colouration "Gothic Cathedral" 2010 / 11, topic Euro KMS sets various countries, and so on. Please exactly inspect!


Lot status:
Auction closed