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Lot 4055 - Auction 189 - Philatelics

Starting price:
12.000,00 EUR

Elwa 30 Kop. Horizontal pair of se-tenants the special stamps \"Tajik SSR\"" and \""Kyrgyz SSR\"" always with two-line hand stamp overprint \""Eesti post\"" in type II, tied by date-appropriate stamp ELVA B 9. VIII. 41 on lover letter piece, expertized Nemvalz, U. S. (Uno Saidla) as well photo expertize Prof. Dr. Klein BPP: \""the condition is perfect. It is a matter to former state of knowledge an unique piece. \"" and expertise Thilo Nagler VP (2021) : \""genuine and immaculate. It is the only me known piece of this kind. \"", Michel 25.000.- - with this rarity is an unique, the catalogue value by Michel becomes the rarity not just and is of the valuation similar pieces far-flung!, catalogue: Zdr.33/28 BS"


Lot status:
Auction closed