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Лот 1944 - Auction 168 - Coins Auction

Базовая стоимость лотов:
1.500,00 EUR

Decorations of the Army World War II Panzer Badge in silver with application number 25, fine zinc production, without manufacturer, silvering of the wreath nearly complete extant, put on tank shaded, at wide magnetic needle, slight worn traces condition II. In addition to it possession testimony of the corporal of the 2. Tank Regiment 24, dated "in the fields 10.4.1945", request on bestowal of the tank combat badge -silver, military ID card with order registrations and identification and service book with order registrations and Entry the 25 actions, documents in different condition, locking is existing a "former bunting" with stand, condition II., catalogue: OEK3900 II


Статус лота:
Аукцион закрыт