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Лот 1915 - Auction 168 - Coins Auction

Базовая стоимость лотов:
2.000,00 EUR

Collections of Paper Money Collection German banknotes from German Reich 1882 to to the Euro period in 4 volumes, as well besides the Reich banknotes also loan cash certificates, annuity bank certificates, Wehrmachts¦money, occupation Bohemia and Moravia, Ukraine, Allied cash, federal bank banknotes, banknotes of the SBZ and of the German Demokratic Republik, forum tickets d. German Demokratic Republik (East Germany), German states banknotes, provisional cash notes and so on, all to Rosenberg catalogue collected and quality standards with more then 7500,- Euro valued, in addition to it euro bills worth 135,- Euro


Статус лота:
Аукцион закрыт