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Lotto 2205 - Asta 182 - Filatelia

Base d'asta:
220,00 EUR

German Post in China - Forerunner 2 M. Reddish carmine along with two 20 Pfg Germania on parcel card segment, in each case centric cancellation two ring cancel \"SHANHAIKUAN German post\"" dateless = use in the Petschili time, all values well perforated, the 2 M. With two on face rubbings and a 20 Pfg in of the upper right corner scuffed, the remaining value faultless, very raree cancellation and all only from September to November 1901 for 2 months in use, detailed photo expertize Steuer BPP (2021) \"". Cancellation very rare and shows all features of an authentic use. \"", catalogue: V37f,18(2) BS"


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