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General Military Decorations World War II Oak leaves to the Knight's Cross of the iron cross 1939, fabrication company brothers Godet and Co. Berlin, nice fabrication in silver, reverse left "900" and right "21" hallmarked, icy silver-plated with polished edges, carried, in the original case unfortunately without Halsbandabschnitt, condition 2. In addition to it preliminary possession testimony for the oak leaves "Colonel Behrend commander Gren. Regiment 154", conferred at the "6.3.1944" (421. Bestowal of the oak leaves), possession testimony dated "10. March 1944, further Gratulationsurkunde to the bestowal of the oak leaves the I. Abbot. A. K. (mot. ) Commander hall, dated "7.3.44", Gratulationsurkunde slightly ripped, otherwise both condition 2. The oak leaves and the documents comes from the family ownership the carrier family and were us from the grandchild of the carrier of the Knight's Cross with oak leaves and swords Hermann Heinrich Behrend hand over. Hermann Heinrich Behrend (* 25. August 1898 in Perleberg; perished 19. June 1987 in Soltau) was a German officer, finally General major of the Army in the second world war. In the first world war kicked Behrend at the 1. June 1915 as war volunteer in the fusilier regiment, Emperor Wilhelm" no. 90 a. In the November 1915 resulted his posting to the Infantry-regiment no. 43. In this acted Behrend, about the End of the war outside, pending whose demobilisation end February 1920 as train and Kompanieoffizier as well as ordinance officer. During this time, visited Behrend from May to August 1916 an Officer Aspi, catalogue: OEK3820/1 II


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