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Certificates, Documents and Signatures Prussia, self-designed signature folder of the officer Corps the 15. division to the 50 years anniversary of the General lieutenant Hans Wilhelm from Schack at the 22. December 1856, with beautiful calligraphed and hand painted cover sheet, with all! Signatures of the officers the different regiments, as well for example 8tes cuirassier regiment, 7tes Hussars regiment, 25tes Territorial Army regiment first Batallion Aachen, 25tes Territorial Army regiment Third Batallion Malmedy or Batallione Cologne, Siegburg and Brühl, in total 12 sides, with sewn binding, lower Tie is absent, slightly billowy with slight mould spots, condition II. General lieutenant from Schack was at the 4. November 1854 the commander the 15. division and got at the 5. January 1856 the red eagle order I. Class with swords at the ringside. Besides got he to the celebration its 50 years service anniversary the brilliant-cut diamonds to the red eagle order. II


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