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Lotto 4334 - Asta 189 - Filatelia

Base d'asta:
10.000,00 EUR

Propaganda in WW II American propaganda forgeries for Germany, 6 Pfg and 12 Pfg Adolf Hitler, trial proofs in black on yellowish paper, always vertical pair from strip of five, these pieces were from the American Office of strategic services (OSS) in the summer 1944 produces, already lots single pieces are rare, here a \"pair\"" set to purchase by auction to can places a hardly offered possibility, expertized Ludin and expertise Brunel VP (2022) : \""the condition is perfect. The proof pair is rare. \"", Michel - . - a Lot single of the 6 Pfg value was on a South German auction for 3.150.- Euro in the year 2021 auctioned., catalogue: 15/16P(2) (*)"


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