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Lotto 1235 - Asta 186 - Numismatica

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10,00 EUR

Miscellaneous Wooden model the Tirpitz on pedestal, home-made, size 120 x 18 x 32 (including masts and so on), various defects and dusted, with some abandon you can here again a jewel thereof make, to the history of the ship quote we from Wikipedia: the Tirpitz was an in the second world war used battle ship of the German war navy. They belonged the Bismarck Class at and was after the German secretary of the navy and Admiral of the Fleet Alfred from Tirpitz titled. Through smaller construction improvements negligible heavily as Your sister ship Bismarck, is the Tirpitz until today the largest ever in Europe finished battle ship. Due to the size and pettishness only to be picked up by the customer!


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