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Lotto 1234 - Asta 186 - Numismatica

Base d'asta:
300,00 EUR

Miscellaneous Fire-brigade / Police, estate with 13 x peaked cap, 4 x stem cap, 5 x helmet, 13 x uniforms / coats / britches, with also international fire-brigade uniforms from for example Canada, Sweden and Croatia, over 100 x national quality and sleeve insignia on two large siding decorated once with 16 x sleeve insignia mass: 80 x40 cm and once with more then 90 x sleeve insignia mass: 122 x103 cm, PADDOCK, breath device and made solid wood rack for the helmets with the measures: 96 x50 cm, by the hats and uniforms isolates also post and rail, due to the long storage on a Storage with storage traces and isolates mould deposits, mixed condition. Please have a look!


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