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Lot 2050 - Auction 174

Starting price:
6.000,00 EUR

Gemmed Necklaces Exclusive and extravagant necklace the collection "Monete" of the company Bulgari, the 1966 from Nicola Bulgari introduced was and since then world wide for to look up cares. By this high-value necklace is a Æ coin of the city Syracuse on Sicily from the 4.-3. Jh. From Chr prepared become. On whose front is the head the Persephone left looking with garland of corn depicted, on the back sees you the pushing bull, above and underneath the dolphin as well the letters N under the upper dolphin. The mount the coin is reverse "SICILIA - SYRACVSE 4.-3. Jh. BC" designates. The necklace exists from 750er yellow-gold, used, and is as curb bracelet conceived, designates "BVLGARI" and order number "277 10". The diameter the coin amounts approximate 20, 0 mm. The length of the necklaces amounts approximate 40, 0 cm. Approximate. 98, 10 large in addition to it suit earrings as lot 2093.


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6.000,00 EUR
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