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Lot 1701 - Auction 174

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25.000,00 EUR

General Military Decorations World War II Oak leaves with swords to the Knight's Cross of the iron Cross 1939, reverse "900" hallmarked, icy silver-plated with polished edges, carried, condition II, in addition to it Knight's Cross of the iron Cross fabrication of the company C. E. Juncker Berlin, denazified, blackened magnetic kernel with silver frame, reverse used "800" silver as well "L / 12" as manufacturer's designation, carried, condition 2, Knight's Cross and oak leaves with swords with appurtenant Halsbandabschnitt in original casket, further large award certificate to the Knight's Cross of the iron Cross at Major Hermann Heinrich Behrend, dated "leader headquarter, the 15. July 1941", with original ink signature the Leader and Chancellor of the Reich Adolf Hitler, the Knight's Crossmappe from red leather with Gold stamped highness eagle, interior cover with Pergamentspiegeln and handvergoldeter lines edging, at the on the back lower margin with signature "Frida Thiersch", the document on large vellum double sheet handwritten, the name of the mortgaged "Hermann Heinrich Behrend" in raised Gold salaries, on the interior cover photo of the mortgaged near the Gratulationshandschlag with Adolf Hitler, inscribed and dated with "bestowal of the oak leaves to the Knight's Cross Obersalzberg 6. March 1944", award folder slightly angedunkelt, with slight age traces, the corners minimal scuffed, condition 2. The pieces comes from the family ownership the carrier family and were us from the grandchild of the carrier of the Knight's Cross with oak leaves and swords Hermann Heinrich Behrend hand over. Hermann Heinrich Behrend (* 25. August 1898 in Perleberg; perished 19. June 1987 in Soltau) was a German officer, finally General major of the Army in the second world war. In the first world war kicked Behrend at the 1. June 1915 as war volunteer in the fusilier regiment, Emperor Wilhelm" no. 90 a. In the November 1915 resulted his posting to the infantry government, catalogue: OEK3819/21 II


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