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Lot 1658 - Auction 171 - Coins Auction

Starting price:
3.000,00 EUR

Estates Extensive mixed lot in five boxes consist aus:, the littlest gold coins of the world" (approximate. 80 g Gold fine), innumerable Federal Republic of Germany coins in several trays of 1 penny to 2 Mark, beneath 2 Mark 1951 ears of corn (complete all Mzz), 5 Mark memorial coins in PP, new coinage the, first five" in silver and the KMS from 1995 (extremly fine from PP). In addition to it included are Euro coins, various KMS from all over the world like USA cachet Sets plus several silver coins in coin cards (st and PP), a handful historic silver coins, two boxes German Demokratic Republik (East Germany) Commemorative medals New silver Cu / Ni / pewter (48 St. ), Ud SSR 1 Rouble 1970-1991 (Cu / Ni) in two coin album, Canada complete set 14 x 5 and 14 x 10 Dollars, silver, olympic games in Montreal 1976 (st) and 4 x 10 Franks (1, 5 Euro) 1996 always 22, 2 g silver, set treasures European Museums KM 1124-1123 (PP). Definitely visit exactly!


Lot status:
Auction closed