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Lot 920 - Auction 170 - Coins Auction

Starting price:
2.000,00 EUR

Estates World, extensive Coin remission in two boxes from silver coins and medals. Included are a wooden box with commemorative coins gemstone relief coins (21 St. Always 1 oz silver), silver coins from Greece in the nominal value to 100, 200 and 500 Drachma (st), Cuba 10 Peso silver coins in tampon printing version, silver coins with football motif from all over the world, further Jamaica 100 Dollars 1986, Korea 5000 and 10000 Won to the olympic games in Seoul 1988. Into the bargain numerous silver medals in several trays from of the Federal Republic of Germany to different occasions and with mixed subjects (Presidents of the Federal Republic, 750 years Berlin, 40 years Federal Republic of Germany, medals christi, the States), whereby the last two gold plated. In the inventory are 6 x KMS 2007 of the Federal Republic of Germany plus 2 Euro coin (PP), Set 1 plus 2 Euro Monaco 2001, KMS USA and 2 Sets 1 Pound gold plated with application.


Lot status:
Auction closed