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Lot 1967 - Auction 168 - Coins Auction

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300,00 EUR

Photo Albums, Single Military Photos, Post Cards Photo album with 29 large-sized photographs (approximate. 17, 4 x11, 4 cm) of the court photographer Oscar Tellgmann, Eschwege, including excellent as Hoffotograf the houses Prussia Wilhelm II., Duchy Hessen and Saxony Meiningen, 29 photos with captions for example Emperor maneuver 1909, air ships Parseval and Zeppelin, empress and crown princess, Emperor maneuver 1912 in Saxony, flag handover emperor parade Erford 1903, emperor parade by Stettin 1911, Emperor maneuver 1911 in Mecklenburg, last Emperor maneuver in Silesia 1913 and regiment handover of the I. Womb Hus. Rgts. To the crown princes, on the cover of the album are title and name of the studio embossed, complete, complete albums are rare because the large-sized photos often only single to be on offer, minimal traces of usage, in outstanding condition, condition I-II. I-II


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