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Lot 1931 - Auction 168 - Coins Auction

Starting price:
80,00 EUR

Literature - Numismatics Mixed lot from determination and auction catalogs with focal point Asia and antique. Beneath including the title: David Hartill "Cast Chinaman Coins", Robert Göbl "numismatics outline and scientific system", Robert Göbl "antique numismatics" (2 Bd. ), Speyer numismatic Contributions "the coins of the wreathed Mang", Darphne Müzesi "Osmanli Madeni Paralari Katalogu", collection Köhler-Osbar (3 Bd. ), Horst Kimpel "traditional currency", David Jen "Chinaman cash identification and Priceguide", two Taisei auction catalogs and others title. In total approximate 30 piece.


Lot status:
Auction closed