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Lot 1746 - Auction 168 - Coins Auction

Starting price:
3.800,00 EUR

Estates Profound estate composed of silver coins of the Federal Republic of Germany and some foreign coins in the box. Included are but also embossments from the empire, of the Weimar Republic and of the Third Reichs. Under the numerous DM commemorative coins find be including the first five 5 DM coins (Germanic museum to Fichte) whereby 5 Mark Eichendorff and Fichte multiple are present. Further many 5 and 10 DM commemorative coins in PP as well latter in numerous sets to always 5 pieces, including the two 10 Euro Commemorative coin sentences in the blister. Additional with also numerous embossments Austria with many Mary Theresien Talers and 100 Shilling coins as well 1 Dollar coins Canada in caskets and single welds. Definitely visit exactly!


Lot status:
Auction closed