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Lot 2221 - Auction 165 - Coins Auction

Starting price:
8.000,00 EUR

Estates Extensive estate in 4 boxes with among others Old German States thaler and double taler, empire coinage and silver coins in the denomination value 2, 3 and 5 Mark, III. Reich with 2 and 5 Reichmark Hindenburg and Garnisonskirche, Weimar Republic, 5 and 10 DM commemorative coins in PP, DM regular issue coinage sets from 1969, silver quintet with 1 x year 1958 Mzz J, 2 x 5 DM commemorative coin collection including of the first five issues, 2 x 50 penny bank German countries 1950 Mzz G, 2 x Gold medal, 10 Euro commemorative coins, Euro KMS, in addition to it foreign currencies with silver coins and different medals. Further a subscription collection "25 years queen Elisabeth II. " in 5 goofy, 2 x olympic games collection Moscow 1980 in the condition st and PP, olympic games Montreal 1976 condition st and a small banknotes and banknote collection. DM nominal value alone already in the 5 digit area. Please check carefully.


Lot status:
Auction closed